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Effective: August 1, 2012

Products and Services

Code Name Price Unit Setup

Virtual Private Servers (jails)

jail-1gb FreeBSD-based jail environment (with root access);
includes: 64MB of allocated RAM, 1GB of disk space, 20GB xfer, IPv4/IPv6 address
15 per month 15
jail+1gb extra disk space for FreeBSD jail environment 3 per 1GB/per month -

Colocation services

colo-1u-256 Colocation of 1U rackmountable server;
includes: 256Kbps of bandwidth, 1 A power, serial console, remote powercycle, 5 IP's
60 per month 100
colo-1u-512 Colocation of 1U rackmountable server;
includes: 512Kbps of bandwidth, 1 A power, serial console, remote powercycle, 5 IP's
90 per month 100
colo-bw-256 Extra bandwidth for colocation: 256Kbps 35 per month n/a
colo-bw-512 Extra bandwidth for colocation: 512Kbps 60 per month n/a
colo-bw-1m Extra bandwidth for colocation: 1Mbps 100 per month n/a
colo-add1u Extra 1U of rack space 25 per month n/a
colo-1amp Extra 1Amp of power 40 per month n/a
colo-power Extra unmanaged power outlet (includes 10Wt, for modem, hub, etc) 5 per month n/a
colo-mngpower Extra managed power outlet (includes 10Wt for modem, hub etc) 10 per month n/a
colo-ip-1 Extra IP address for colocated server(s) 1 per IP/per month -
colo-hour Smart remote hands in colo (1 hour minimum) 100 per hour n/a
Note 1: setup fee is waived with 6 month prepayment
Note 2: customer package should include at least 256Kbps of bandwidth per each Amp of power
Note 3: all bandwidth tiers are 95-percentile (unless indicated)
Note 4: Bandwidth overage rate is 110% of committed rate

Domain-related services

cert-starterssl Single-root SSL certificate from RapidSSL
(please see RapidSSL Subscriber Agreement)
30 per year -
dom-reg Domain registration (.com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.name/.us)
(see Domain Registration Terms and Conditions)
16 per year -
dns-sec-yr Distributed DNS secondary (per domain) inquire per year

Misc services

tunnel ip-over-ip tunnel with 1 static IP inquire per month
rt-medium RT hosting inquire per month